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Welcome to GO Adventures

Climbing the Giant Ladder at the Challenge Course at Butler School

Climbing the Giant Ladder

GO-Adventures provides opportunities for individuals and groups to participate in high quality team building programs and adventure sports instruction. The goal is a positive experience through a mixture of teamwork, fun and education.

We feel that people learn and develop from overcoming challenges – our programs are designed to give participants enough challenge to stretch their limits, with enough guidance and instruction to expand them.

Over the years, we have seen clients from a variety of backgrounds and populations – from elementary school students to corporate executives.  The activities and metaphors we use with a group of high school students will differ from those we employ for a corporate project management team.  However, our dedication to providing great service and a program with value and lasting benefit is ever-present.  Many clients in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC area have benefited from our team building challenges and adventure sports instruction. We invite you to become another satisfied customer.” – Eriq Powers, Founder