Experience-based Training for Guides and Facilitators

Since founding GO-Adventures in 2001, Eriq Powers has been honing his skills as a trainer for both new and experienced leaders.

Experience has taught us that learning occurs most quickly and most deeply when we immerse ourselves, mentally, emotionally and physically, into whatever we plan to do.

–Eriq Powers, GO-Adventures Founder

Teambuilding Facilitator Training with GO-Adventures - www.go-adventures.com

Teambuilding Facilitator Training

During our Facilitator Training Program your team will deconstruct the team development process, learning tips and techniques that focus on:

  • Trust (laying a foundation for openness and understanding that will allow participants to take risks)
  • Conflict (gaining comfort with engaging in unfiltered discussion around important topics)
  • Commitment (achieving buy-in for decisions made by the team)
  • Accountability (willingness to confront one another about performance and behavioral concerns)
  • Results (valuing collective outcomes more than individual recognition).

Utilizing a combination of team building activities and traditional facilitation techniques (flip-charting, brainstorming, etc…) your training program will prepare new facilitators to create a learning environment, increasing the potential for creativity and innovation in your teams.

The typical teambuilding facilitator training will cover:

  • effective sequencing of activities
  • types of activities (games, getting-to-know you, initiatives, low elements, trust building)
  • framing and debriefing techniques
  • building vs. buying your props and equipment
  • resources for facilitators

Adventure Guide Training

Guide Training is designed for anyone interested in becoming an Outdoor Leader. Whether you are a Boy Scout Leader who wants to be able to help guide your Troop, or a Professional Guide looking to add another skill set, a GO-Adventures Guide Training program will teach you valuable “hard skills” – technical expertise in your given activity, as well invaluable “soft skills” – team dynamics and leadership techniques that help anyone working with a group.

GO-Adventures currently offers Guide Training programs in the following adventure activities:

  • rock climbing (top-roping for beginners)
  • caving
  • mountain biking
  • wilderness skills
  • recreational tree climbing

Contact us to design a training program that suits your goals and organizational needs.