The Pipeline Challenge

We ran a Portable Team Challenge for the Women’s Soccer team at University of Maryland Baltimore Campus (UMBC) yesterday, and the program was a great success. The goals for the program were to bring the entire team together at the beginning of their season, and give the ladies a chance to build the trust and commitment they would need to be a successful sports team. Naturally, a group of high-functioning athletes were a tough group to challenge physically, but we made up for it with the problem-solving and trust building initiatives. The blindfolded tent-building activity gave the teams a bit of trouble, as it gave everyone a handicap – either lack of sight or lack of speech.

The culminating challenge of the day was “The Pipeline Initiative” in which the group was split into three teams that had to share resources and ideas to create a 35 foot aqueduct of PVC pipes, joints and gutters. The teams built a structure that suspended the aqueduct high enough off the ground that a marble could roll down the entire length of the apparatus without stopping.

Here is a short video of the project – enjoy!

If you’d like to learn how to run your own Pipeline Challenge, check out our description of the activity on