Team Building Facilitator Training

Team Building Facilitator Training Workshops in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC

The goal of every facilitator training workshop is to provide both new and experienced facilitators with the tools to effect lasting change through experience-based learning.

We currently offer training programs in the following areas of concentration:

Portable Team Challenge

Facilitator Training with GO-Adventures - Beach Ball Bop gamePortable Team Building gives groups a sequence of games, initiatives, and low elements, which can be set up in offices, classrooms, playing fields, etc… By participating in these challenging yet fun activities, groups focus on problem-solving, leadership, communication, trust, or any other facet of team development.

The training will cover:

  • effective sequencing of activities
  • types of activities (games, getting-to-know you, initiatives, low elements, trust building)
  • framing and debriefing techniques
  • building vs. buying your props and equipment
  • resources for facilitators

ROPES Challenge

combining elements of the Portable Team Challenge with additional High Elements, the ROPES Challenge is a great way for groups to either work on specific goals, or simply enjoy a recreational team building program. The addition of High Elements creates a significant individual experience for members of the group, focusing on personal achievement and self-awareness.

High Ropes Facilitator Training with GO-Adventures


The training will cover:

  • types of activities (games, getting-to-know you, initiatives, low elements, trust building, high elements)
  • framing and debriefing techniques
  • effective sequencing of activities
  • setting up and taking down high elements
  • special client equipment (harnesses, helmets, etc…)
  • knots and ropework for high elements
  • safety concerns in a high element setting
  • rescue from high elements
  • resources for facilitators
  • record keeping and standards (ACCT and PRCA)
  • risk managementFacilitator Rescue Training with GO-Adventures.

Sequence of Team Building Activities:

Games are activities that serve as icebreakers – encouraging participants to relax, act silly, and remove some of the barriers that normally keep individuals from cooperating with one another. Games are the simplest form of team challenge.

Initiatives are activities that require group members to identify a problem, make a plan for solving that problem, and initiate their plan. These challenges foster communication, commitment to the group and leader/follower roles among the group members.

Low Elements are physical structures built out of wood or plastic, which require significant commitment from members of the group. Many elements bring participants off of the ground, calling for spotters, and other safety considerations.

Trust Activities are physical challenges that may be as simple as being blindfolded and led through an obstacle course, or as complicated as being suspended off the ground and flipped through the air into waiting arms. The additional risk often ranks trust activities among the most intense and powerful experiences in the Portable Team Challenge.

High Elements are structures built out of wood and cables, often found in trees or telephone poles, and usually suspended from 12′ to 50′ off of the ground. In addition to increased height, High Elements usually require significant commitment from individual participants. provides outdoor recreation in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.  Our Outdoor Adventure Programs focus on team building, climbing, caving, mountain biking, ropes courses, hiking, orienteering, wilderness survival and outdoor adventure education.

GO-Adventures operates year-round, designing programs for groups of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

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