Team Building Ropes Course

Team Building Ropes Course

Combining elements of the Portable Team Challenge with additional High Elements, the Team Building Ropes Course is a great way for groups to either work on specific goals, or simply enjoy a recreational team building event. The addition of High Elements creates a significant individual experience for members of the team, focusing on personal achievement and self-awareness.

The Challenge Course at Butler School

Up and Over Beam is a low element challenge.The Challenge Course at Butler School is located in Darnestown, MD, about an hour from downtown Washington, DC. Particularly suited for groups of 8 to 50, the ropes course offers a combination of low team elements and high elements to provide a well-rounded team building experience.

The Challenge Course at Butler School was designed specifically to focus on enhanced teamwork, encouraging and increasing leadership, and building a foundation of trust and commitment among the members of your team.

One of the things that sets us apart from other local ropes course facilities is our commitment to elevating the level of teamwork that can be achieved in a one or two-day ropes challenge.  The activities that we have selected as permanent elements and the problem-solving and trust enhancement exercises that we work into your program all fit together to create a unique and essential team building experience.  Fun is a natural byproduct of this well-defined and goals-driven team development program.

Of course, if your goal is simply a recreational “day of fun” on the ropes course, you need look no further…

We are constantly striving to improve and elevate the level of programming we offer to our clients – adding new elements to the course, attending trainings and testing new activities that will add value to your team building experience.  Each time you visit the Challenge Course at Butler School, you will see new additions and we will strive to provide a new experience that builds on your previous program.

Sample High Elements:

The Giant Swing is a high element on the ropes course at GO-Adventures.“Leap of Faith” – climb 40 feet up a tree and jump for a tethered ball!  This is one of the tallest platforms in Maryland!!
“Giant Swing” – climb 24 feet to a platform, step off, and swing out into the trees!  Your team works the belay lines and you are gently lowered back to the ground.
“Swinging Bridges” – traverse a rickety plank bridge with the aid of ‘handrails’ at your waist.
“Islands in the Sky” – leap from platform to platform while suspended 25 feet off the ground.
“Climbing Wall” – climb our 30 foot wall, with an overhanging obstacle and a few other surprises.
“Zap Line” – fly 350 feet through the air on a cable that is suspended high above the ground.
“Giant Ladder” – you and a partner work together to climb up a ‘ladder’ whose rungs are 3 to 4 feet apart, while being belayed by other members of your team.  Great physical challenge and problem-solving element.

Check out a video of a recent group on the Team Building Ropes Course…

Who can benefit from our ROPES course team building and corporate event programs?

  • School groups
  • Adults
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Scouts
  • Camps
  • Religious groups
  • Corporations
  • Small businesses
  • Government agencies
  • Sports teams
  • Fraternities and sororities
  • Birthday parties
  • And more

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Track Walk is a team low element challenge.