Portable Team Building Challenge

Teambuilding To Go

With a focus on goals and outcomes, the Portable Team Challenge takes a sequence of team building games, initiatives, and low elements from the traditional ropes course setting and creates a team building program that can be set up in offices, classrooms, playing fields, etc…

By participating in these challenging yet fun activities, groups focus on problem-solving, leadership, communication, trust, or any other facet of team development.

The Sequence of a Portable Team Challenge


Games are activities that serve as icebreakers – encouraging participants to relax, act silly, and remove some of the barriers that normally keep individuals from cooperating with one another. Games are the simplest form of team challenge.

Mousetraps is a physical trust challenge.Initiatives are activities that require group members to identify a problem, make a plan for solving that problem, and initiate their plan. These challenges foster communication, commitment to the group and leader/follower roles among the group members.

Low Elements are physical structures built out of wood or plastic, which require significant commitment from members of the group. Many elements bring participants off of the ground, calling for spotters, and other safety considerations.

Trust Activities are physical challenges that may be as simple as being blindfolded and led through an obstacle course, or as complicated as being suspended off the ground and flipped through the air into waiting arms. The additional risk often ranks trust activities among the most intense and powerful experiences in the Portable Team Challenge.

Debrief and Discussion gives teams an opportunity to reflect on the activities, the group dynamics, and correlations between the team building program and ‘real life’ experience.  Without the debrief and discussion, a team building program is simply a recreational event, and the lasting value is diminished.


Sample Activities

Boots Traverse problem solving initiative that helps teams to think creatively and break the ice!Object Retrieval
Using a variety of unlikely tools, your group must retrieve a number of items from inside a circle without leaning into the circle, or hitting/dragging the items out of the circle.

The Mondrian Puzzle
This challenging puzzle requires teams to work together to create a series of intertwined boxes.

Pipeline Challenge
Your team must construct a suspended pipeline using assorted plumbing hardware and their own creative design. For an added challenge, the designers must allow two contraptions to work together.


Check out a video of The Pipeline Challenge…


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