GPS Geocaching

GPS Geocache Challenge with GO-Adventures!

Ready for a little competitive teambuilding? The GeoCache Challenge will send your teams in search of clues and “caches” that will combine to give your team the tools to complete the Final Challenge.

  • GO-Adventure GPS GeoCache ChallengeYour team will receive instruction on how to use the GPS along with a booklet that contains coordinates and rules of play for the GeoCache Challenge.
  • Follow the coordinates on your passport to find the geocache. Once you find the station, your team will unlock the cache and either complete the challenge or take the clue or item that is contained in the cache.
  • Collect all of the items found at each checkpoint, and bring everything back to your starting point to prepare yourself for the Final Challenge.

Here are a few examples of possible “Cache Challenges”:

Object Retrieval – using a set of specialized tools, a team must transport an item around an obstacle course

Bucket Ball – team must toss the largest number of balls into 3 buckets that they can for points

Team Skis Race – teams must race each other on giant skis

Pipeline Challenge – team must construct a 25-foot pipeline using an assortment of materials

Minefield – team must select 2 to 4 members to traverse a ‘minefield’ and retrieve special items

And More…