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  • Welcome to GO Adventures

    “GO-Adventures provides opportunities for individuals and groups to participate in high quality team building programs and adventure sports instruction. The goal is a positive experience through a mixture of teamwork, fun and education. We feel that people learn and develop from overcoming challenges – our programs are designed to give participants enough challenge to stretch […]

  • New Team Building Options For 2009

    The floundering economy has hit businesses and not-for-profits pretty hard.  Even in the DC metropolitan area, where the federal government makes its home, we are starting to feel the pinch.  Budgets are getting tighter, and it is more important than ever to see the benefit of any money spent on team building. We at GO-AdventureSports […]

  • Our Programs

    GO-AdventureSports specializes in team building and adventure instruction for youth and adults.  Our program offerings include: Team Building Portable Team Challenge – on-site or off-site activities that can either be recreational or goal-oriented. For businesses and governmental agencies interested in providing an environment that fosters communication and an opportunity that promotes positive change. We will […]

  • GO Adventure Sports is Growing Up

    In 2001, GO-AdventureSports opened its doors and began offering its recreational team building and adventure instruction programs to youth and adults in the Washington, DC area. Over the years and through working with thousands of clients, we have come to realize that recreational team building and introductory level adventure instruction offer only a small taste […]