Recreational Tree Climbing

Recreational Tree Climbing in Maryland

Have you ever climbed a tree? (We hope so!) Or, if you haven’t, did you ever want to? (We think so!) Now is your chance!

Receational Tree Climbing with GO-Adventures.Recreational Tree Climbing is an opportunity to move from the ground up into the canopy using a combination of traditional climbing gear, and a few cool knots and tools that are mostly used by arborists and tree trimming technicians. Put it all together, and you have an incredibly fun and satisfying recreational activity that you might be able to do in your own backyard!

Here’s what we do:

Your guide will meet you at a convenient location (good climbing trees are surprisingly easy to find!), and provide all necessary equipment, including:

  • ropes
  • harnesses
  • helmets
  • hardware
  • instructional expertise

We’ll start the course by fitting you with your equipment and teaching a few basic and necessary knots for ascending, fixing yourself in position on the rope or on the tree, and how to descend when you’re ready to come down. We’ll set our anchor in the tree (no easy feat since you’ll be throwing the rope from the ground) and then, it’s up into the trees we go!

Recreational Tree Climbing Instruction with GO-Adventures.The Level I (beginner) course lasts anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours, depending on how much you want to climb, and how advanced you want your level of instruction to go. We love teaching, and climbing, so we hope you’ll want to learn more!

Once you’ve completed Level I, you can come back for Level II (advanced instruction), where you’ll learn more about tree recognition, multiple forms of ascending and descending, and even ways to move from one tree to another without having to come down to the ground!

For anyone who still wants more, we’ll organize a tree climbing overnight, where you’ll spend the night with friends, sleeping in the trees. Similar in some ways to spending the night on a Big Wall climb, you’ll learn how to make your bed in the branches and rock to sleep with the swaying of the tree.