RACE Day Event – Soap Box Derby Team Building

RACE Day Event – Soap Box Derby Team Building in DC/MD/VA

An exciting and competitive event for smaller groups, the Race Day enhances teamwork through the creation of a Soap box Derby Racer. Teams of 2 to 5 participants will compete to build, brand and race their vehicle, producing their creation on time and within budget…

The Race!

Objective – Teams will design their vehicles, procure construction materials, assemble, brand, and race their ‘pushcart’ racer.

  • Each team will be given a set of tools and construction materials.
  • Teams may either design their own vehicle chassis, or use the plans available.
  • Teams will complete the assembly of their vehicles before the race entry deadline.
  • Each vehicle will be branded with the insignia of their team.
  • Each team will select a driver and a vehicle pusher.
  • Following the race, the program will be debriefed, and the overall winners will be announced.

Soapbox Derby Team Challenge with GO-Adventures.The RACE Day Event is a good team building event for teams and groups looking for a highly creative, fast-paced challenge that requires a great deal of teamwork and a little bit of engineering. Your team’s ability to innovate and create a vehicle that is unique (and drivable!) with limited resources (restricted budget, time, and materials) will make the difference between winning and losing the race!