Multi Sport Adventures near Maryland, DC and Virginia

Multi Sport Adventures with GO-Adventures!

Multi-Sport Adventures with GO-Adventures.The Multi-Sport Team Adventure (MSTA) is a 2- to 5-day team building and instructional event for groups of 4 to 14 participants. The MSTA provides your group with a variety of adventure activities connected together by either a campground, lodge or backcountry hike.  Our team of expert guides will design your Multi Sport Adventure with either a high or low level of challenge, but each MSTA will be filled with adventure!

Here is an example of a recent Multi Sport Team Adventure:

Rocks, Ropes and Rafts MSTA

During this 2- to 3-day adventure, your team will participate in rock climbing, ropes course and rafting, with a campfire and tent or cabin camping every evening.


Rock Climbing
9:00AM – We’ll meet at Sugarloaf Mountain to climb at Middle Earth or Devil’s Kitchen – two of the less travelled and more challenging climbing areas on the mountain. You’ll learn to belay (hold another climber safely), rappel (descend a rope from the top), and practice climbing technique for as long as you like. If your group is more experienced, we can even teach you a little about anchors, or self-rescue–helping prepare you for rock climbing on your own. As evening approaches, we’ll drive to the campground or lodge for dinner and dessert around a campfire before heading to bed.


Multi-Sport Adventures with GO-Adventures.Whitewater Rafting and Aerial Adventure Park
9:00AM – After breakfast, we’ll head out for rafting on either the Shenandoah or Potomac Rivers near Harper’s Ferry, WV. Class II to III rapids will challenge us, plus maneuvering a raft is a great way to improve communication, teamwork and trust between the members of the team. At the “lunch takeout” we’ll stop for a little throw bag practice and learn a little bit about rescue on our raft. After lunch and rescues, we’ll get back on our raft and continue down the river to the takeout.

2:00PM – Once we exit the river and change our clothes, we’ll head up into the trees for the Aerial Adventure Park–a combination of cable traverses and zip lines that takes place 12 to 50 feet off the ground. You’ll move from platform to platform while attached to cables that safely secure you during your trek through the trees.

6:00PM – We’ll meet once more for dinner and a debrief around a delicious meal at a local restaurant. With so much fun wrapped up into a weekend, you’ll have plenty to chat before (and after) you head back home.

Other Options for the MSTA:

Caving, Climbing and Camping – a two-day program that includes–as you can imagine–caving and climbing. You may choose from a variety of locations in West Virginia or Pennsylvania. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Rock Climbing at Sugarloaf Mountain (Dickerson, MD) and Caving at Whiting’s Neck Cave (Martinsburg, WV)
  • Rock Climbing at Panther Rocks (State College, PA) and Caving at J4 Cave near State College, PA

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