Wilderness First Aid Certification

Wilderness First Aid Certification in Maryland, DC and Virginia

What is WFA? Standard first aid courses are intended for people who have ready access to emergency medical services, usually within a few minutes. Wilderness First Aid Certification is intended for people who will be in situations that require self-sufficiency — such as when hunting, camping, canoeing, or hiking — when EMS aid may be hours or days away. WFA also focuses on injuries that are not common in urban areas but are often encountered in outdoor and wilderness situations. A significant portion of the class deals with prevention of injuries and illnesses while enjoying outdoor activities.

Does the cost include food or accommodations? No. There will be meal breaks when we can eat bag lunches, order food, or prepare a quick camp meal outside.

What is the certifying organization? The American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI). This course is recognized by the State of Maryland, and also by the BSA.

How long is the certification valid? 2 years

What will we be doing in the class? Learning about hazards in the wilderness and what to do in the event someone is injured. Practice sessions build skills and scenario based training puts it all to the test.

How large will the class be? 20 students is ideal, 24 students is the maximum.

Many WFA classes are 16-20 hours. Why is this class longer? The 16-20 hour classes don’t leave much time for practice. This class adds additional practice time to help students to retain more of the skills that are taught. This is an advanced class and spends a significant amount of time on “what to do next”. Safety for the team and creative use of resources are stressed throughout the course.

Are there any pre-requisites? While they are helpful, CPR and/or Standard First Aid certification(s) aren’t pre-requisites to attending the class. This class will NOT include CPR certification.

Do I have to attend the whole class? You must attend the entire class to receive certification.

Who is the sponsor for this class? The Butler School is sponsoring this class, and will provide a classroom and outdoor space for the event.

Who is the lead instructor for this class? This class will be lead by Steve Lichtenberg. Steve is an Assistant Scoutmaster at the IWLA-Rockville’s Troop 1097 and has been teaching First Aid/CPR and safety for about ten years. He is an instructor trainer for all disciplines including Wilderness First Aid. He is a member of the Gaithersburg Washington Grove Volunteer Fire Department and is certified as an EMT. He assisted in rewriting the curriculum and program structure for the Wilderness First Aid Courses and has more fun teaching Wilderness than any other course.

WFA Approximate Schedule

Friday Evening

(7:30 PM)Introduction
(8:00 PM) Planning for the Adventure
(8:30 PM) Patient Assessments
(9:00 PM) Patient Assessments (initial assessment in depth)
(10:00 PM) Prepare three trip plans (distribute open book test)


(7:45 AM) Scenario
(8:00 AM) Bandaging I
(9:00 AM) Bandaging II
(10:00 AM) Wounds, Burns and Infections
(11:00 AM) Scenario
(12:00 PM) Lunch
(1:00 PM) Splinting I
(2:00 PM) Splinting II – last 30 min. traction splint practice
(3:00 PM) Head, Neck and Spine
(4:00 PM) Movement/Transportation
(5:00) Scenario
(6:00 PM) Dinner
(7:00 PM) Eyes and Teeth, Bones and Joint sprains
(8:00 PM) Environment elements, heat and cold, Hypothermia Wrap
(9:00 PM) Scenario
(9:30 PM) Environmental: Altitude, lightening, and sun exposure, Bites, stings, and ouches
(11:00 PM) Mass Casualty Demonstration


(8:00 AM) Scenario and work on trip evacuation plan 1
(10:00 AM) Scenario and work on trip evacuation plan 2
(11:30 AM) Scenario
(12:00 PM) Lunch
(1:00 PM) Group debriefing on pre-lunch scenario
(1:30) Review Exam
(2:00 PM) Scenario
(3:00 PM) Scenario
(3:30 PM) Clean-up
(4:00 PM) Out Briefing and Award of Certification Cards
(5:00 PM) Adjourned