Team Project Event – Community Service Team Building

Community Service Team Building in Maryland, DC and Virginia

Team Project Events (TPEs) are an opportunity for groups and teams to participate in a combination of traditional team building activities and a community service project.

How does the Team Project Event work?

The group takes part in a brief, energizing set of experiential team building activities. The goal of this segment of the event is to introduce the group to one another, teach a few techniques for effective communication, and set the tone for the day – teamwork.Team moving a log during a Team Project Event

Following the team building segment, the group will split up into small Project Management teams. Each PM Team will be responsible for one part of the overall Team Project – one team might be cutting wood for the floorboards of a shed, while another team is clearing and leveling the ground for the laying of the foundation. Each team does their part, and the teams together produce the finished project.

Throughout the day, the group will come together and check-in with their progress. It is important for the teams to be communicating their needs and their limitations in order for the group as a whole to be effective. When one team is stalled because of a lack of resources, another team can step in and lend a hand. In this way, the group as a whole is able to support the individuals within it.Following the actual construction or maintenance project, the group will come together for a good meal and a debrief of the day. During this extended discussion, individuals will share their experiences and insights, providing a powerful culmination to a day of incredible effort by a dedicated team.Team Project Event

Adventure race – your team has one day to set up and run an adventure race for middle school age racers.

Build a trail and a bridge – your team has one day to create a trail in a local park. Included in the trail must be a creek crossing (using a two log system) and a trail map.

Build a bridge – your team has one day to build a footbridge over a creek in Seneca Creek State Park.

Build a low ropes course element – your team has one day to build a low ropes course element, including trails to and from the element, and a list of activities that can be done while on the element.

Team Project Event Sample Itinerary

Team Project Event Sample Itinerary