GO-Adventures Blog

Articles written about team building and adventure sports as well as highlights from recent GO-Adventures programs.

  • God Bless This Mess

    We are in the midst of ‘Home Ownership’ and all of its joys. We moved out of the apartment on Saturday, and are now officially in our new home – although that currently consists of rooms that are half painted and filled top to bottom with boxes.  Many of the boxes contain items that I […]

  • TINY Campers on The Leap of Faith

    Although we typically work with small groups ages high school and above, the Butler Camp frequently utilizes the ROPES Challenge Course during the summer months.  We train their staff to run a safe and exciting ropes course program, and the kids absolutely love it! Here is a video of some of the youngest, and most […]

  • Rock Climbing at Devil’s Kitchen

    Every year we take a camp group from Pennsylvania out for three days of climbing in the Maryland and Virginia area.  The group learns and practices basic climbing techniques in a wide variety of top-roping scenarios, and ultimately learns how to run a bottom-belay, top-belay and rappel station.  The groups always do a fantastic job […]

  • Determination and a Carabiner

    I am constantly amazed at what can be accomplished with a little determination. Recently, one of my students brought me a carabiner that he had found on the playground at Butler School – where we have our Challenge Course. When I examined the broken carabiner, I thought I knew exactly what had happened.  The ‘biner […]

  • New Direction for 2010

    We have gone through each of our team building options and tried to focus on and fine-tune the activities and programs that are most beneficial to our clients. We want to make sure that we are giving you the highest return on your investment as well as giving you a program that will fit your […]

  • Welcome to GO Adventures

    “GO-Adventures provides opportunities for individuals and groups to participate in high quality team building programs and adventure sports instruction. The goal is a positive experience through a mixture of teamwork, fun and education. We feel that people learn and develop from overcoming challenges – our programs are designed to give participants enough challenge to stretch […]

  • Preparing for the Outdoors

    Outdoor summer and winter adventure activities have become increasingly popular over recent years as people discover new and exciting ways in which the great outdoors can be enjoyed and conquered. Although many outdoor adventures do not necessarily involve dangerous or physically demanding activities, such as family camping trips and nature trail walking, it is perhaps […]

  • Taking the Leap of Faith

    Although it has been over a decade since I facilitated my first ropes course program, I am still amazed at how powerful the experience can be. I’m not speaking of the power that I wield as a facilitator, but rather the awe that I feel when I am part of a ropes course experience.  I […]

  • Value Based Adaptation

    Early on I learned that no matter what is going on externally – economy, trends, competition, etc. – my business will only succeed if I stick to the core values that my company was founded on.  As long as my decisions stay true to these values, I am able to adapt quickly to an ever […]