Beach Ball Bop

Here’s a fun Energizer activity that anyone can try .

Beach Ball Bop gets participants moving around, working together, planning, communicating and adapting all in one fun and fast-paced game!

What You’ll Need:

  • a flat, grassy area, big enough for the members of your group to move around.  Size of space is dependent on the size of your group.
  • an inflated beach ball.


  • Have everyone stand in a circle and introduce the rules of the game.
  • After the game begins, participants can move about to work their plan.


  • Everyone in the group must participate.
  • The group is trying to tap the beach ball as many consecutive times as possible without dropping the ball.
  • No “double taps” – each person can only tap the ball one time before someone else hits the ball.
  • The ball must stay above the waist.
  • The ball must remain in motion.
  • If the ball hits the ground, you must start over.

I use this fun activity as a warm-up before getting into more intense problem-solving and communication-focused team building initiatives. Beach Ball Bop introduces components of good teamwork, while remaining fairly relaxed and requiring little trust from the members of the group.