Wilderness Survival and Primitive Living Skills

Primitive Living Skills Workshops

Group size: 6-10

These half-day (4 hour) workshops will focus on just one or two of the primitive skills described above, and are a great way to learn a new skill and expand your awareness of nature on a shorter time frame.

Primitive Fire Building with GO-Adventures - www.go-adventuresports.comKindling Fire (Butler School, Germantown, MD)

  • Identifying and gathering materials
  • Fire safety and construction
  • Starting a fire with just one match or without a match at all—there are so many different fire-starting techniques!
  • Starting a fire in the rain
  • Using a fire for safety, tool-making, comfort, water purification, and cooking

Tools and Gear (Butler School, Germantown, MD)

  • Knife skills and safety
  • Carving utensils and tools like spoons, bowls, fishhooks, and fire making equipment
  • Making natural cordage
  • Using birch bark and other natural materials to construct containers

Getting Lost, Getting Found (Sugarloaf Mountain, Frederick, MD)

  • Learning to use natural features on the landscape to travel safely cross-country
  • Map and compass navigation and orienteering
  • Identifying wild edibles we come across in our wanderings
  • This workshop will be more strenuous than the previous two, as it will consist of a 2-4 mile hike

Who can benefit from our wilderness skills and other adventure instruction programs:

  • School groups
  • Adults
  • Not-for-profit groups
  • Scouts
  • Camps
  • Religious groups
  • Corporate teams
  • Small businesses
  • Government agencies
  • Sports teams
  • Fraternities and sororities
  • Birthday parties
  • And more

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