Climber’s Self-Rescue and WFA Certification

Rescue Techniques for the Outdoor Climber

Climber’s Self-Rescue and Wilderness First Aid Certification – (20 hours) Fundamentals of Self Rescue for anyone who intends to make rock climbing outdoors their hobby or passion. This excellent scenario-based training program provides top-rope climbers with fundamental rigging, rescue and prevention techniques for managing a top-rope rock climbing experience. In addition, we’ll certify climbers with Wilderness First Aid, which we feel is the minimum medical training that any outdoor adventurer should carry. Focusing on scenarios typical for a rock climbing situation, this WFA will give you the skills you need to manage, treat and prevent a variety of outdoor emergencies.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Self-Rescue when the climber is on rope

  • knots used in self-rescue
  • escaping the belay
  • rappelling and ascending the rope
  • passing a knot
  • assisted rappel
  • pulley systems

First Aid once the climber is off-rope

  • patient assessment
  • wounds, burns, infections
  • head, neck, spine injuries
  • eyes and teeth, bones and joint sprains
  • altitude, lightening, sun, heat and cold
  • bites, stings, poisonous plants
  • bandaging and splinting
  • patient transport

Successful completion of the weekend will award the participant with a Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Certification through the The American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI). This course is recognized by the State of Maryland, and also by the BSA.

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