Mountain Biking Maryland

Single-Track Mountain Bike Instruction Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC

Learn the basics or practice more advanced technical riding skills with our expert instructors. Introductory and Advanced Mountain Biking  Maryland courses take place at Schaeffer Farms, Black Hills Regional Park, Seneca Creek State Park in Montgomery County, Maryland – all are great places to learn cross-country mountain biking skills. Mountain Biking Maryland provides a crash-course in the fast-paced and fun sport of cross-country mountain biking.

Introduction to Mountain Biking – (3 – 6 hours)

New and improving riders will practice fundamental mountain biking skills at the trails around Schaeffer Farms, in Germantown, Maryland. This popular single-track course is known for its variety of terrain, with good hill-climbs and descents, the occasional log-jump obstacle, and lots of great twisting and turning trails. There’s plenty of opportunities to practice the skills that will take your ride from new to improved.

Mountain Biking Instruction with GO-Adventures - www.go-adventuresports.comTechnical Skills covered:

  • Fitting a bike and safe riding rules
  • Balance, braking, shifting
  • Hill-climbing and descent
  • Front-end lift (‘pop a wheelie’ over a log)
  • Picking a line (skillful maneuvering over challenging terrain)

Intermediate Skill-Builder Clinic – (2 – 4 hours)

Following your riding history and goals interview, your guide will develop a curriculum that focuses on the key skills that you wish to learn. During this 2 to 4-hour private session your guide will demonstrate the skills, provide the means to practice these skills, and offer valuable feedback on the progress you make towards improving those skills throughout the clinic.

Mountain Biking Instruction with GO-Adventures -

Advanced skills suggestions:

  • fast corners
  • efficient peddle stroke
  • bomber downhills
  • drop-offs
  • bunny hops

Learn to Ride (for Novices)

Still learning to ride a bike? Haven’t ridden since your single-speed coaster bike (you know, the one with the pedal brake action)? Not to worry. GO-Adventures has teamed up with The Bicycle Place down in Silver Spring, MD to provide a “How to Ride” clinic. You’ll meet your instructor down at their location for a half-hour/hour on-bike instructional. After practicing for a few minutes on their closed course (parking lot), you’ll take a break to let things sink in.

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Who can benefit from our adventure sports instruction programs:

  • School groups
  • Adults
  • Not-for-profit groups
  • Scouts
  • Camps
  • Religious groups
  • Corporations
  • Small businesses
  • Government agencies
  • Sports teams
  • Sororities and fraternities
  • Birthday parties
  • And more…

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