Ice Climbing Clinics in the Catskills of New York

It may be hot outside, but it’s never too early to start planning for winter  — our favorite season of the year!

The 2014/15 winter was one of the coldest winters of the past few years and we were able to get out for some prime days of ice climbing! New Paltz, New York and North Conway, New Hampshire are our favorite East Coast Ice destinations, and this turned out to be a great year for climbing waterfall ice.

Join GO-Adventures and Alpine Inspirations for Ice Climbing Clinics in the Catskills of New York!

Ice Climbing near New Paltz, with GO-Adventures.When the weather gets cold, less hardy climbers scramble to move their ascents indoors. Don’t hide inside while old man winter blows his frosty breath…Get out and climb some ice! No climbing experience necessary, just an appetite for a frosty winter adventure! With our NY State Licensed guides leading the way, head into the Catskills, strap on some crampons and grab a pair of ice axes as you get ready to take on some frozen waterfalls. Our experienced guides have scouted routes appropriate for both novice and experienced climbers. You’re sure to have a great time even if you already know a pick from an adze. Lots of practice runs allow you to polish what you’ve learned – and to keep the blood flowing, essential exercise for keeping muscles warm and loose. Sure, you could retreat to the relative comfort of a climbing gym, but for a CHILLy thrill, try a clinic that teaches you how to relish the unique challenges that climbing in winter weather provides outdoors.

Level 1 Ice Climbing Clinic – 9AM – 4PM (1 day) – $275

Clinic Dates: TBA – we’ll roll out our winter schedule in the early winter.

All technical gear provided by Alpine Inspirations: including ice axes, crampons, boots, and more…

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Ice Climbing New Hampshire with GO-Adventures.

Level 2 Ice Climbing Weekend – 9AM – 4PM (Friday-Sunday) – $750

Course Overview

Join us for a 3-day introductory ice climbing clinic set in the beautiful Adirondacks of New York.

Whether you are diving into ice climbing for the first time or you have some experience and want to build your skills, this 3-day course can be tailored to fit your goals. The Adirondacks are home to some of the best ice climbs in North America due to its consistently cold winters, rocky terrain and abundance of waterfalls. The mountains offer it all—from beginner, low-angle ice climbing to extreme, overhanging mixed climbing.

Whether you have never climbed ice before, climbed a few times, or are simply looking to take your ice climbing skills to the next level – we can put together an awesome trip for you!

GO-Adventures and Alpine Inspirations can provide all technical gear required, including boots, crampons, axes, helmets, harnesses, etc…..

Hope to see you on the ice!