Caving and Spelunking Adventures

Guided Caving Excursions for Youth and Adults

Caving adventures with GO-Adventures

Caving or ‘spelunking’ as many prefer, is an adventure sport that combines many different skills into one amazing experience.  Crawling through tight squeezes, wiggling down tunnels on your belly or your backside, climbing up walls of rock – these are just a few of the challenges you might find in a cave environment.  Pitch darkness is what makes caving and spelunking so different from other adventure sports.  All of the challenges of movement in a confined space are increased when you have nothing more than a headlamp or flashlight for light!

Whiting’s Neck and Indian Caves


The wild caves near Shepherdstown, WV give explorers new to the sport an opportunity to descend into timeless caverns with ancient speleotherms and unseen challenges.  Keep your eyes open and you might see tiny ‘soda straws,’ the beginning stages of stalactite growth.  ‘Flow Stone’ deposits shaped like ribbon candy and wedding cakes, ‘cave coral’ that looks like burnt popcorn.  These are just a few of the formations you might find at Whiting’s Neck.  At the end of the trip, most people are amazed not only by the beauty of the cave’s structures, but by the challenges that they have overcome.  Whiting’s Neck cave presents the opportunity to rappel and ascend a rope, squeeze through the ‘keyhole,’ (which only works if you figure out the right combination!) and cross over chasms that drop 20 feet.  Whiting’s Neck is “adventure” caving.

Whether the outdoor temperatures are up in the 90’s or down in the 20’s , the cave maintains a steady 50-55 degrees, making the cave warm in winter and cool in summer.  During the coldest months, curious ice structures form when seeping water freezes at the entrance to the cave.  These frozen ice structures mimic the rock structures you find in the cave – stalactites, stalagmites, flow stone and columns!

Join us for a caving adventure you will not soon forget!

Caving Level 2

Spend an extended day caving near Charleston, West Virginia. You’ll trek through 2 caves that are connected by a challenging middle passage. Averaging 8 to 12 hours in duration, this caving adventure will challenge both new and experienced cavers alike with its tight tunnels, twisty turns and amazing speleotherms. Course open to experienced cavers only or beginners by special request.

Caving Weekends – New for 2015!

Caving Adventures with GO-Adventures.For the experienced caver who has already enjoyed our Level 1 Whiting’s Neck Cave or Carnegie Cave programs, we invite you to travel farther into West Virginia and Pennsylvania for our Caving Weekend program.

In order to limit the number of people visiting the caves, we will typically not list the names of caves available for the Caving Weekend. Although most caves are within 4 hours of the DC metro area, camping overnight is advised. Due to the length of travel for the Caving Weekend, we require a minimum of 6 participants – which can be either one group reserving together, or made up of multiple individuals. If you would like to be added to a group that is forming, please let us know in advance and we will add you to the list.

If you are planning to spend the weekend, we will suggest camping or cabin accommodations, as well as either a rock climbing or whitewater rafting option to keep the adventure going! Or, if you just can’t get enough of caving, we can take you to 3 or 4 caves over the weekend, each with its own, unique challenges and sights to see. From water crossings and rappels to tight tunnel crawls and mazes, the Caving Weekend program offers something for everyone!

Pricing for the Caving Weekend is dependent on the types of activities and lodging you are signing up for, so contact us and we’ll design a program that suits you.

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