Adventure Sports Instruction

Experience-Based Training through Adventure Sports Instruction

Adventure Instruction programs with GO-Adventures.Experiential Education is at the root of every program we run, and Adventure Instruction is one of the best ways to experience learning and teamwork.  Our adventure guides are also trained as facilitators, so a GO-Adventures Adventure Instruction program is designed to go beyond teaching the fundamentals of rock climbing, caving, mountain biking, or wilderness skills – our facilitator-guides are dedicated to improving communication, building trust, and helping you to experience a heightened sense of awareness.

Our Adventure Instruction Programs Include:

Rock Climbing

Climbing is one of our favorite outdoor adventure activities, and the climbing areas around Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia provide some excellent opportunities for the novice and the experienced climber alike.

Specializing in instruction, our guides have both a passion for climbing and a passion for education – which translates into accelerated learning for climbers new to the sport.  Our top-roping courses teach the basics of the simplest and most popular form of rock climbing – knots, belaying, anchors, and movement, while our lead climbing course will give you the skills to take your sport to the next level.

Caving Adventures
Caving or ’spelunking’ as many prefer, is an adventure sport that combines many different skills into one amazing experience.  Crawling through tight squeezes, wiggling down tunnels on your belly or your backside, climbing up walls of rock – these are just a few of the challenges you might find in a cave environment.  Pitch darkness is what makes caving so different from other adventure sports.  All of the challenges of movement in a confined space are increased when you have nothing more than a headlamp or flashlight for light!

Guided Mountain Biking
Learn the basics or challenge yourself with our expert riders. Introductory mountain biking courses at Schaeffer Farms, in Germantown, MD – one of the best places to learn cross-country mountain biking skills…

Or, if you already have the skills and you are ready to take your riding to the next level, try one of our Intermediate Riding Clinics to focus on a particular skill or to train for a race.

Wilderness Skills Instructional
How often has your outdoor adventure extended into an outdoor epic?  What do you do when your day outside extends into overtime and you find yourself out overnight?  Learn valuable skills that will keep you safe and comfortable in an overnight or multiple-day outdoor survival situation.

Multi-Sport Adventure Weekend
The Adventure Weekend is a multi-day team building and instructional event for teams of up to 14 participants. The program provides your group with a variety of adventure activities through which they can grow and learn – each day is packed with adventure sports opportunities and each challenge requires significant commitment from the members of the group. Our team of expert guides will give you the skills you need to accomplish each mission…

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