• Welcome to GO Adventures

    “GO-Adventures provides opportunities for individuals and groups to participate in high quality team building programs and adventure sports instruction. The goal is a positive experience through a mixture of teamwork, fun and education. We feel that people learn and develop from overcoming challenges – our programs are designed to give participants enough challenge to stretch […]

  • Our Programs

    GO-AdventureSports specializes in team building and adventure instruction for youth and adults.  Our program offerings include: Team Building Portable Team Challenge – on-site or off-site activities that can either be recreational or goal-oriented. For businesses and governmental agencies interested in providing an environment that fosters communication and an opportunity that promotes positive change. We will […]

  • Our Clients

    Over the years we have worked with hundreds of groups, from individuals out for a day of climbing to 500 participants at a corporate retreat.  Regardless of the background of our clients, the outcome is positive change through shared experience. Who can benefit from our team building, adventure sports, and corporate event programs: School groups […]

  • Information Request Thankyou

    Thank you for your interest in GO-Adventures Team Building and Adventure Instruction programs. We will contact you soon to follow up on your Information Request. If you have an urgent matter, you may contact our team by text or email. TEXT – (301) 202-4106 EMAIL – FACEBOOK – TWITTER – Please note: […]

  • Teambuilding vs. Adult Entertainment

    I know – this is a loaded title, and there will be a certain cross-section of readers who will be disappointed to know that I don’t mean the kind of adult entertainment they hope I mean. We’ve all seen the commercials on television with the “failed trust fall” theme, or the “bogus teambuilding facilitator” character. […]

  • Ropes Challenge Course Vs. Aerial Adventure Park­—What’s the Difference?

    With the growing popularity of aerial adventure parks sweeping the nation, the benefits of a traditional ropes challenge course teambuilding program become even more difficult to explain. To the uninitiated, the ropes course and the adventure park look very much the same—in fact, the adventure park sometimes looks more fun! Don’t let the harnesses, helmets […]

  • The Adventure Team Challenge with GO-Adventures

    The Adventure Team Challenge The following video shows a group engaged in a few activities available in the Adventure Team Challenge – a self-led, station-to-station, rotational team building event that is ideal for large groups whose goal is fun recreational team building. GO-Adventures will select activities that enhance communication, focus on problem-solving skills, and build trust […]

  • Beach Ball Bop

    Here’s a fun Energizer activity that anyone can try . Beach Ball Bop gets participants moving around, working together, planning, communicating and adapting all in one fun and fast-paced game! What You’ll Need: a flat, grassy area, big enough for the members of your group to move around.  Size of space is dependent on the […]

  • The ColourBlind Activity

    Here’s a great team challenge for illustrating the need for effective leadership, good planning, and a little patience. ColourBlind Have the group sit down and put on blindfolds. Explain the objective and rules of the activity – answer any questions. pass out items – I use 5 sets of 5 wooden toys, with 3 or […]

  • First Rule of Mountain Biking Mastery

    After teaching mountain biking skills for the past 12 years, I’ve come to realize that every skill I teach stems from one underlying principle. Without this one key ingredient, very little can be achieved. So, if you are getting ready to try mountain biking for the first time, here is my first rule of mountain […]

  • PDFs

    Basic Itineraries What to Wear Liability Waivers, etc. Here you will find a variety of downloadable forms to help you prepare for your teambuilding or adventure instruction program. Please feel free to contact us with questions, or if you are having trouble with your downloads. Thanks again, and we look forward to working with your […]

  • ROPES Course Fun with 7-Eleven

    I facilitated a team building ropes course with a group of distributors from 7-Eleven yesterday, and the program was great fun. I never tire of seeing people bonding over a shared experiential training program. Building cohesion, fostering trust, and simply getting to know one another in a novel environment can be so rewarding – sure […]

  • Build Trust in 20 Minutes or Less

    As a teambuilding facilitator, I am constantly asking my clients, “what are your goals and expectations for your teambuilding experience.”  Almost without fail, the answer is “increased trust between the members of our team.” Building a foundation of trust has lasting benefit, long beyond the teambuilding experience.  Trust leads to cohesion, cohesion leads to an […]

  • Caving Moratorium

    In February 2006 some 40 miles west of Albany, N.Y., a caver photographed hibernating bats with an unusual white substance on their muzzles. He noticed several dead bats. The following winter, bats behaving erratically, bats with white noses and a few hundred dead bats in several caves came to the attention of New York Department […]