August 2010

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  • God Bless This Mess

    We are in the midst of ‘Home Ownership’ and all of its joys. We moved out of the apartment on Saturday, and are now officially in our new home – although that currently consists of rooms that are half painted and filled top to bottom with boxes.  Many of the boxes contain items that I […]

  • TINY Campers on The Leap of Faith

    Although we typically work with small groups ages high school and above, the Butler Camp frequently utilizes the ROPES Challenge Course during the summer months.  We train their staff to run a safe and exciting ropes course program, and the kids absolutely love it! Here is a video of some of the youngest, and most […]

  • Rock Climbing at Devil’s Kitchen

    Every year we take a camp group from Pennsylvania out for three days of climbing in the Maryland and Virginia area.  The group learns and practices basic climbing techniques in a wide variety of top-roping scenarios, and ultimately learns how to run a bottom-belay, top-belay and rappel station.  The groups always do a fantastic job […]