July 2009

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  • New ROPES Course Installations

    We have been busy adding improvements to the Challenge Course at Butler School for the past month now, and things are starting to come together nicely!  Although construction takes an incredible amount of time, money, and labor, the results make it all worth while. The first few groups that came out to the course gave […]

  • Teaching Teamwork With ‘The Blind Climber’

    We don’t often hang out with famous mountain climbers or Hollywood stars, but we had the opportunity to do both recently, while simultaneously doing what we love to do every day: teach people about the importance of teamwork.  We recently partnered with The Verizon Foundation and its Educational Resource website – www.thinkfinity.org – to provide […]

  • New Team Building Options For 2009

    The floundering economy has hit businesses and not-for-profits pretty hard.  Even in the DC metropolitan area, where the federal government makes its home, we are starting to feel the pinch.  Budgets are getting tighter, and it is more important than ever to see the benefit of any money spent on team building. We at GO-AdventureSports […]